Database and DevOps

Applying Agile Practices for Rapid Database Deployment and Automation
EBTS expert DevOps Engineer and DBAs allow you to achieve rapid database
deployment and automation through database version control, the
development of effective processes and tools, data replication, and lifecycle

Gemini, is an application developed by EBTS, provides comprehensive insights to your Oracle E-Business environment. These assist with visibility and management of customizations as well as license management and security, among other uses.

Database DevOps Services

EBTS will ensure that “agile practices” apply to your databases, similar to how they apply to
application development, through the implementation of critical processes and technology, 
thus allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage the flow of your information system’s 
data with a comprehensive database lifecycle management approach.

Rapid Database Deployment:

Our experts help your databases maintain effective 
source control to ensure rapid deployment and subsequent deployment automation. 

Continuous Delivery & 24/7 Support:

With EBTS, your DevOps can be set up and optimized for continuous database deployment, supported by regular database assessment, monitoring, and tuning. When necessary, we offer 24×7 DBA coverage to support all activities from Dev to Ops, providing alignment and accountability.


EBTS works closely with your development team to ensure proper 
instrumentation of critical components that enable an effective monitoring solution.


We approach DevOps for databases with cost reduction in mind. We 
work within your environment using infrastructure tools to increase automation in performing software releases, regression testing, and test data management.

Test Data Management:

Automated testing is a cornerstone of Continuous Deployment and test data must be meticulously managed. Our DevOps DBAs will manage “golden copies” of test data as well as perform routine refreshes to non-
production environments with production data in order to keep test environment relevant and efficient.

Database Source Control:

EBTS will help you “think like a developer” by implementing version control processes to streamline iteration. 

Database Processes and Tools:

EBTS will help you develop the processes and scripts, as well as utilize the tools you need to allow for less variance in systems, increased consistency, and ultimately allow for rapid iteration and deployment with no downtime.

Data Replication:

EBTS can help you achieve DevOps by approaching hardware as 
disposable assets while ensuring that data remains consistent and available.