Remote DBA Services

Managed Services for All Major Databases & Cloud Technologies

Remote DBA and Cloud Experts

EBTS USA is the leader in Database Uptime, Availability, and Performance and has been the go-to resource for all our customers’ needs for over 20+ years.

Whether your database is on-prem or in the cloud, we can help you with high-quality database monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, backup, and recovery services. Since 1999, EBTS USA has offered comprehensive database management services, including advisory, implementation, and managed database services to enterprises of all sizes.

As a renowned North American IT service provider and a long-standing Preferred Oracle Partner, EBTS USA has handled thousands of Oracle databases and data-driven applications across almost all operating systems. We provide top-notch Oracle DBA services and are knowledgeable in business applications like the E-Business Suite (EBS). Additionally, our team of highly experienced DBAs (database administrators) and DBA engineers are also proficient in managing MS SQL and MySQL databases.

Why Choose EBTS USA as your Managed Services Partner?

When you choose EBTS USA remote DBA services, your company will experience reduced downtime, improved application performance and scalability, quick resolution times, and a high-quality end-user experience. What is more, you won’t be a ticket number in an overseas body shop. At EBTS USA, you will have a dedicated team of competent account managers and access to our infrastructure practice leaders.

Exceptional technical
Quick response times
Flexible contracts
24×7 global support

Dedicated DBA account teams
Remote or on-site DBA support
Exceeding SLAs
Top-level customer

Super-Flex DBA Services

At EBTS USA, we don’t just mix and match remote DBA services for customers: We work with you to build what you need, so your enterprise can meet its business goals reliably and affordably.

Together, we will build a flexible, affordable plan to meet your individual needs.
Our remote DBA experts provide a wide range of options:

Business Value

Manage your entire database 24/7

Comprehensive off-hours DBA support

Limited off-hours DBA support, such as weekend monitoring with alerts

Full-time staff augmentation

Backup DBA support in case of DBA team turnover

DBA Services for the Long Term

At EBTS USA, we’re also passionate about technology and what’s next. As a result, we are early adopters who support traditional to emerging database technologies, including on-prem and cloud solutions.

Our DBA team can provide expert guidance on what environment is right for your different datasets and execute all-new or hybrid environments that integrate with a wide variety of third-party applications.

Every on-prem and cloud solution has different benefits, and we are here to provide independent guidance on the array of options. In addition to supporting Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases, our cloud partners include: