Oracle Integration
Cloud (OIC)

Integrate your applications, gain insight into your business, automate
processes, and create visual applications using Oracle Integration Cloud.

Business Benefits

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) allows you to perform integrations between different cloud-based applications and on-premise applications. Based on the Oracle service bus application, OIC is non-developer friendly as it uses browser-based configurations with ready-built application adapters.

Integrate Apps

Create the connections to the applications you want to share data with. Then set up an integration, which uses the connection you created and defines how data is shared between your applications.

Automate Processes

Automate your business using process applications: develop, test, publish, and activate. Repeat whenever changes are needed.

Gain Insights

Simplify the process of collecting and collating business metrics. Analyze metrics for your business process in preconfigured and custom dashboards, either in Oracle Integration or embedded in other applications.

Develop Visual Applications

Quickly create and publish custom web and mobile applications using a visual development tool. Build the pages in your application using components that you place on a canvas, and integrate with other services. No setup and no coding required.

Oracle Integration Cloud Features

Pre-built connectors

Pre-built, tested connectors to a wide variety of applications such as ERP, CRM, HCM, Marketing Automation, etc.

Support for real-time and batch integration

Software supports both real-time and batch integration

Data quality services

Perform data profiling, deduplication, cleansing etc.

Data security features

Rights management, LDAP integration, password encryption, etc.

Connector modification

Modify pre-built connectors to suit specific environments.

Monitoring console

Monitor resource utilization, system health, ability to start and stop processes, etc.

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