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The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud

According to Gartner, Digital business transformation inverts network and security service design patterns, shifting

the focal point to the identity of the user and/or device — not the data center. Security and risk management

leaders need a converged cloud-delivered secure access service edge to address this shift.

Key Findings from Gartner

Inhibitive Architecture

Network security architectures that place the enterprise data center at the center of connectivity requirements are an inhibitor to the dynamic access requirements of digital business.

Edge Computing

Digital business and edge computing have inverted access requirements, with more users, devices, applications, services, and data located outside of an enterprise than inside.


Complexity, latency and the need to decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic once will increase demand for consolidation of networking and security-as-a-service capabilities into a cloud-delivered secure access service edge (SASE, pronounced “sassy”).


Inspecting and understanding data context will be required for applying a SASE policy. 70% higher ROI than traditional on-prem deployments

Points of Presence

To provide low-latency access to users, devices, and cloud services anywhere, enterprises need SASE offerings with a worldwide fabric of points of presence (POPs) and peering relationships.

EBTS USA Security & Networking Services

We start with securing access to your resources, both via console and programmatic.

We then focus on tightening your firewalls and network segmentation. We encourage the use of IDS/IPS products and services and work with several partners that provide the same.

We ensure that all web applications are front ended by Load Balancers and Web Application Firewalls.

Ultimately, our affordable and efficient 24/7 Network Operations Center monitors, logs, and audits all critical network and security events.

Cloud Advantages


Comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


Rich controls, auditing, and broad security accreditations.


Build hybrid architectures that extend your on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud.


Access as much or as little as you need and scale up and down as required with only a few minutes notice.